Facts about TAKK

We are one of the leading adult education centres in Finland and have 260 professionals working for us. We offer around over a hundred vocational qualifications and co-operate with some 2,000 companies annually. We have over 14,000 adult students every year. In 2015, our turnover was 24,3 million euros.

Our strength lies in vocational education and competence development for adults. We offer various possibilities to fulfil different needs for competence development: at TAKK, students can take an extensive qualification, one day of additional training, or anything in between. The students often return to us during their careers. Our basis for developing competence is always making a genuine impact - we understand our clients’ businesses and know how to zone in on developing the business so that its goals can be reached.

Forethought, innovation, and forerunning guarantee the constant renewing of our operations. At TAKK, we use the criteria set by the EFQM as a tool for the continual improving of operations and services. We are continuously improving our quality in all sectors.

We serve the working life together with our following partners