Tampere Adult Education Centre TAKK

A workplace and a place of learning. Today, the Tampere Adult Education Centre in Tampere, Finland, is one of the top providers of vocational adult education services and competence for the labour market. TAKK’s strengths are competence-based education, individual student guidance, strong working life connections and customer-driven solutions. TAKK has offered Finnish vocational adult education since 1962.

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TAKK is an Official Member of Education Finland

Organisations using this logo are official members of the Education Finland growth programme.

Education Finland is a national growth programme coordinated by the Finnish National Agency for Education. The programme is funded the Ministry of Education and Culture, and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.

The programme is aimed at developing Finnish education export and know-how related to it, as well as making Finnish education export visible internationally. The programme is targeted towards Finnish education export organisations looking to grow and expand their operations further.