Tests and Certificates

Versatile Skills from TAKK

We offer different type of competence tests and cards, short courses and professional certificatestest required by worklife.

  • ADR Course
  • A Brake Licence Course
  • Proficiency course in vehicle air conditioning
  • First-Aid Extinguishing AS1
  • Alcohol Serving Pass
  • Asbestos Removal Work
  • Automotive Field Further Education
  • B Brake Licence Course
  • Anticipatory driving for heavy vehicles (REAK)
  • First Aid 1 and 2, and Emergency First Aid
  • Aerial Work Platform Training
  • Welding Qualification Tests
  • Hygiene Passport
  • The INSTA 800 Measuring and Assessment System for Technical Cleaning Quality
  • Live-Lined Working Course
  • Security Steward
  • Safety Card for Working in High Places
  • Loading Crane Inspection (Under 25 Tonne-Metres)
  • Estate Agent Training
  • Wet Room Waterproofing, Personal Certification
  • Crane Card
  • Household Services Pass
  • Service Expert Certificate
  • Piping Pass
  • Social and Healthcare Safety Card (SPEK)
  • Safety at Electrical Work SFS 6002
  • S1, S2, S3 Electrical Safety Qualification (TUKES)
  • Tail Lift and Side Lift Inspection
  • Road Safety I and II, Further Education
  • Forklift Card
  • Hot Work Licence
  • Exam for Safety System Designers
  • Working Instructor Pass
  • Work Safety Card
  • Water Work Card (Water Hygiene)
  • National Certificate of Language Proficiency (Finnish)

Further information about tests and certificates in Finnish. Some certificates we also offer in English, further information about courses in English.