Studying at TAKK

Tampere Adult Education Centre TAKK is known as a modern and versatile provider of adult education. For over 60 years, we have been training professionals of technology, construction, business, information services, and various service industries. We provide vocational education mainly in Finnish.

We offer support and guidance in every phase of your studies. We invest energy in our students’ personal study plans and versatile learning environments.

Our education is either labour market training, self-motivated studies, or apprenticeship training depending on your situation in life and position in the labour market. We develop our students’ competence with the workplace in mind, which opens up the path to working life.

We provide guidance and counselling for students in different phases of studies: in the application period, during the studies and when the student is taking the qualification and finishing her/his studies. Furthermore, we offer guidance for employment and further studies after the graduation.

Different forms of training

Apprenticeship training is based on an employment relationship. A student does the practical training in the workplace, studies at TAKK for instance two days in a month and then takes a competence-based qualification.

Labour market training is provided by the labour administration for unemployed jobseekers and those under the threat of becoming unemployed. Labour market training is provided free of charge.

Self-motivated studies are for those planning a career change or wanting to upgrade their vocational skills. These studies can be carried out either as day or evening classes.

Personnel training offers specialized courses tailored for enterprises.