Practical nurse qualification

Composition of the qualification, 180 competence points

Learning at work

  • Training agreement will be signed by school & workplace for each practical training period to ensure that the student is insured during training
  • During practical training teacher is in contact with the workplace trainer and student to make sure the learning process is proceeding
  • There is often essays or other type of evaluated tasks to do during the practical training
  • It all aims at being able to do and succeed at an competence demonstration / evaluation
  • There is 5 different competence demonstrations during PN studies

Practical nurse program / nice to know

  • PN’s will practice giving different type of injections to each other during studies.
  • Tasks of PN include urinary catheterizations and taking care of personal hygiene of both sex customers.
  • Palliative care and end-of-life care are part of PN’s duties as well as for example washing the deceased client.