How to apply

From basics to special know-how

We offer basic, vocational and specialist qualifications. In order to obtain a qualification, students have to pass a competence-based test to show their skills. All the qualifications meet the national requirements set by the Finnish National Agency for Education. We also offer many types of supplementary and continuing education.

The application process varies according to the form and level of education. It is described in more detail in description of each training (in Finnish): course programs in Finnish.

Vocational Education

TAKK provides vocational education only in Finnish. Student has to have a sufficient knowledge of the Finnish language. The level of succicent language level varies but the general requirement is B1.1. The applicant’s level of Finnish language proficiency could be tested during the application process.

We offer three forms of training: labour market training, self-motivated studies or apprenticeship training. The application process varies by form of education. Further information on how to apply you'll find from each description (in Finnish): course programs in Finnish.

For enquiries, please contact TAKK Student services, or tel. +358 44 7906 400

Training for migrants

TAKK provides integration training for migrants. Further information on how to apply: Integration Training for Adult Migrants and from TE Offices and on the website

We also offer preparatory education for vocational upper secondary education and training (TUVA). TUVA helps you improve your language skills and other abilities that you’ll need for studying in Finland. The aim is to reach language proficiency requirement B1. Preparatory education lasts 6 or 12 months. The studies are conducted entirely in Finnish. Further information on how to apply: TUVA (in Finnish)

There is also a possibility to take the National Certificates of Language Proficiency (YKI-testi) test (the Intermediate level). Further information about YKI-test (in Finnish)

For enquiries, please contact

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