Education in Finland

The all-round comprehensive school in Finland takes nine years. Before elementary school, children have the right to one year of preschool. After the comprehensive school, the options are vocational education or general upper secondary education. Higher education is provided at universities and polytechnics.

One of TAKK’s strengths is vocational education for adults. Adult education has a solid position in Finland, and adults are welcome to study at vocational colleges and polytechnics. Adults also have the possibility to participate in any course program aiming for qualification. Adult students often study after work in the evening and combine various ways of studying, such as online studies, with traditional contact teaching.

A very popular and flexible way for adults to take a qualification in Finland is the competence-based qualification. You can obtain basic, vocational, and special vocational qualifications by taking a competence-based test. We at TAKK also offer the possibility to take a competence-based qualification.

In a competence-based qualification, the students demonstrate their skills in working life, and our job is to recognise that the qualification-taker is in command of the required skills.  After passing the competence-based test, the student receives a qualification certificate which proves his or her occupational competence.

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