Tailored Education for non-EU students

  • Global VET and our global partners
  • The programs have an annual fee ranging from 8000€ / 15 000€ annually.
  • The tuition is always paid to our global partner who pays the whole groups tuition to TAKK
  • The programs are 1.5 - 2.5 years
  • Non-EU students are eligible for student housing (TOAS / POAS)
  • Non-EU students are not eligible for governmental funding assistance
  • A big part of the programs is unpaid on the job practical training


TAKK’s responsibilities

  • Teaching and organizing & supervising unpaid Practical Trainings in the programs
  • Practical training vs Apprenticeship (Finding an apprenticeship is the students own responsibility)
  • TAKK is not responsible for the employment or future Residence Permits for students: https://migri.fi/en/residence-permit-to-look-for-work
  • TAKK is not responsible for the free time activities of students

Student's responsibilities

  • Participating in teaching - too many absences will lead to the termination of studies.
  • Living Expences - Finding employment in Finland before graduating and learning the language is very difficult.
  • Providing honest answers in entrance exams / interviews.
  • Tuition fees - If the second years tuition fee is not paid as agreed it will lead to immediate termination of studies + a notification to the Finnish Immigration authorities.
  • The student is responsible for his / her learning which includes the learning of the Finnish Language - Absences from class are not tolerated

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