Welcome to study at TAKK!

Tampere is a great city, and here you can find the most interesting adult education centre in Finland. While studying with us, you are one of 14,000 adult students we have every year. With us you can learn Finnish and get information on how to integrate into Tampere. Come and take your competence onto the next level!

After your Finnish studies, you can choose the vocational course program that interests you the most, with over a hundred qualifications to choose from. How would it sound to settle in Tampere for a while? We are increasing our English education all the time.

We in Student Services are happy to tell you more - feel free to contact us!

Anni Niva, tel. +358 44 7906 458

If you are looking for Finnish language courses
Terhi Tapaninen, tel. +358 44 7906 363
Janne Haikansalo, tel. +358 44 7906 342
E-mail address is of the format firstname.lastname@takk.fi