Find the Magic of Tampere

You have probably heard about the midnight sun and midsummer in Finland. Perhaps you have also heard about autumn leaves and the crisp frost? Or perhaps you are looking at Tampere from your window but have already bought the return ticket home. Well, think again!

Finland is a combination of sauna and salmiakki, technology and art, pure nature and tranquillity. Tampere is one of the top cities in Finland - its location between Lakes Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi makes the area charmingly fresh.

Tampere could be called a melting pot of different fields. Here we link high technology with research, education and business, not forgetting sports and culture! Excellent traffic connections guarantee an influx of visitors.

There are over 210,000 people living in Tampere, and the surrounding Pirkanmaa Region - also known as the Tampere Region - holds the populations of half a million. You can find everything in Tampere - come and have a good time!

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