Educational School Camps by TAKK

Since 2016 when the new curriculum of comprehensive education was introduced in Finland, teaching outside classrooms was mentioned as a diversification of the teaching and motivation. According to it´s name, a school camp is a combination of camp and school life, where pupils / students are active actors and content providers. TAKK´s policy for the future is to create alongside export of vocational education and training, a worldwide popular educational school camp -program based on Finnish curriculum. Content of the Camps will be implemented in cooperation with the Global Tampere Education (GTE) network, which includes three Universities of Tampere, Varala Sports Institute and City of Tampere. All camps are conducted in English. The camps are mainly held in Tampere Region.

This short video shows premises where Educational School Camps will be held. Check out Varala Sport Education Center, Ahlman Education and Service Center and Marttinen Youth Center!

Riitta Juusenaho
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