Media skills and Art

”Living together, learning from each other”

The aim of School Camps in Finland is to learn more about co-operation and interpersonal skills and to increase environmental awareness.

Media skills and Art -School Camp (filming)

Hosted by Riitta Juusenaho, PhD, Tampere Adult Education Center
location Ahlman Education and Service center

day 1.

  • Arrival and accommondation
  • City tour
  • visiting museums (Spy museum and Game museum)
  • Finnish sauna and swimming

day 2.

  • Basics of Finnish education!
  • Learn what we do in classrooms and why!
  • English lesssons by Finnish teachers
  • Särkänniemi Amusement park

day 3.

  • School visits

day 4.

  • Visit to mediapolis: Site observation inc. Pikku Kakkonen stage, YLE news studio, filming Museum
  • Coffee break
  • Group work and task design (to learn what is project based learning)
  • Lunch in Mediapolis Juvenes restaurant
  • Filming Project with expert from Mediapoli

day 5.

  • Boat trip to Viikinsaari
  • Sauna and swimming, barbecue
  • Music festival in downtown

day 6.

  • What did we learn while camping?
    Self evaluation and camp documentation
  • farewell dinner

day 7.

  • Departure back home

All camps are all inclusive camps (accommodation, transportation, breakfast, lunch,dinner, evening snacks etc.)

A cruise to Stockholm or Tallinn can be added to all camps if wanted.

A visit to Lapland can be added to all camps if wanted. It will extend the camp by a few days.

All camps can be designed for different age groups!

The language of all camps is English!