Adventure Activities In the Wild

”Living together, learning from each other”

The aim of School Camps in Finland is to learn more about co-operation and interpersonal skills and to increase environmental awareness.

Wilderness skills and Adventure -School Camp

Hosted by Riitta Juusenaho, PhD, Tampere Adult Education Center
location: Marttinen Youth center, City of Virrat

day 1.

  • Arrival and accommodation in Marttinen Youth Centre
  • Youth work in Finland, presentation
  • canoeing and rescue skills
  • Sauna and swimming
  • Campfire and barbecue

day 2.

  • Basics of Finnish education:
    how Finnish education system differs from others?
  • English lessons by Finnish teachers
  • Evening activities by Marttinen

day 3.

  • School visits

days 4-5.

  • Adventure camp:
    Visiting Helvetinjärvi Nationalpark
  • Learning wilderness skills!
  • Rock climbing, ice climbing, rope hanging, rowing, outdoor activities etc. etc.

day 6.

  • What did we learn while camping?
  • Self evaluation and camp documentation
  • Farewell dinner

day 7.

  • Departure back home

All camps are all inclusive camps (accommodation, transportation, breakfast, lunch,dinner, evening snacks etc.)

A cruise to Stockholm or Tallinn can be added to all camps if wanted.

A visit to Lapland can be added to all camps if wanted. It will extend the camp by a few days.

All camps can be designed for different age groups!

The language of all camps is English!